engl. working title, in production
approx. 91 minutes - part IV

In Production

planned for early 2023


The true price of a war is paid once the war is over.

With a lot of humour and courage, Marko Doringer sets out to discover the roots of his melancholy state of mind. YOUR STRUGGLE – MY STRUGGLE is a cross-generational journey of discovery. It’s a film about growing up as a member of the third generation of the German-European post-war era. And it’s also a touching cinematic family therapy, a film about an attempt at making peace.

The film is currently in the editing stage. It is scheduled for completion in early 2023.


  • Summer, a sunny beach by the sea, a wonderful woman, the greatest kid in the world, a successful career – that’s the stuff Marko’s dreams are made of. But the reality of his life is very different: he spends his days in a basement office in Vienna, staring at a screen. When he gets home, he is greeted by a crying toddler and a stressed girlfriend. His father wants Marko to move back in with his parents and be their personal caregiver. How much more will he have to handle before this is over?

    Marko Doringer embarks on a very personal journey to retrace his history. He visits his friends, wants to get closer to the generation of his parents and takes a look back at the lives of his grandparents. Marko wants to find out what exactly was passed on to him while growing up in this affluent society that keeps making his life so difficult. He digs deep into past decades, crossing the layers that lie between four generations: What were the traumas that haunted his grandfather’s life after the war? How did his father cope with them? How much of them has trickled down to Marko’s own life? And what of all this will he himself pass on to his daughter Elsa?

    With YOUR STRUGGLE – MY STRUGGLE, Marko Doringer presents a film about growing up in the third generation of the German-European post-war era. It’s a captivating story about an attempt at making peace, a story that is sometimes filled with a leaden atmosphere, sometimes with joie de vivre, and sometimes with the lingering pain of old wounds. And it’s a touching account of how a documentary film can function as family therapy.




    German working title:
    Lachen Und Weinen

    planned for early 2023

    approx. 91 minutes

    Original language:

    OmU Deutsch, OwS English


    writer, director & camera: Marko Doringer
    assistant director: Stefan Pircher Verdorfer
    script consultant: Andres Veiel
    second camera: Joerg Burger,
    .            Klemens Hufnagl
    sound: Tong Zhang u.a.
    editing: Daniel Flax, Marko Doringer

    music: Elsa Tootsie & the Mini Band,
    .            Les Hommes Sauvages
    sound design: Veronika Hlawatsch
    score mix: Nico Berthold
    studio for score mix: Victoria Studios
    re-recording mix: Alex Koller
    studio for re-recording mix: The Grand Post

    color correction: Klaus Pamminger
    title design: Mieke Ulfig
    social media: Mirela Jasic
    website: Gerhard Roider |

    commissioning editor: Susanne Spellitz | ORF
    producer: Marko Doringer | Filmfabrik


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Elsa Tootsie and The Mini Band
.            by Daniel Schatz, Artur Nutz
.            &
Michael Prehofer
Les Hommes Sauvages
by Kristof Hahn (The Swans) a. o.
Sultans of Gedankenbrain
.            by Kristof Hahn (The Swans) a. o.
.            by Kristof Hahn (The Swans) a. o.

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funded by:
Austrian Film Institute
FISA – Film Industry Support Austria
Government of Lower Austria
Government of Salzburg

project development also supported by:
Filmfonds Vienna

in cooperation with:
ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen

produced by:
Marko Doringer film production

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