Second Thoughts – First

German title: Mein Wenn und Aber
2021, 93 minutes - part III


at DOK.fest Munich

Sa, 07.05.22, 18:30
Rio Filmpalast, Cinema 2

Fr, 13.05.22, 20:00
HFF, Cinema 2




May 07, 2022 | DOK.fest | Munich

DOK.fest Munich

both screenings in the presence of Marko Doringer:

Saturday, May 07, 2022, 18:30:
→ Rio Filmpalast | Cinema 2

Friday, May 13, 2022, 20:00:
→ HFF | Cinema 2


December 30, 2022


To live your dream, you need to know what you want.

How do you balance a relationship and a career? And with a child on the way, things get even trickier. In SECOND THOUGHTS FIRST, Marko Doringer uses humour and curiosity to explore the daily struggle for success, love and happiness.

Following HALF THE TIME OF MY LIFE and GLOBALLY YOURS, SECOND THOUGHTS FIRST is the third part of a trilogy where Marko Doringer examines the realities of a generation in crisis that is looking for love and happiness. Ironic and analytical at the same time, this film is a feature documentary, a long-term research project and maybe also couples therapy, with plenty of humour and the courage needed for true self-discovery.

  • “Let’s make a baby, it’s now or never”, says Marlene, filmmaker Marko Doringer’s girlfriend. But Marko has mixed feelings about it. He doesn’t have a steady job, and no reliable income. A decent pension, later? Forget it! And now he’s supposed to be a father, with all the responsibilities attached? Then, out of the blue, a protagonist calls to tell him she will drop out of his current project. Marko’s first impulse is to quit and give it all up. But who would he be without his work? He may love-hate it, but work defines who he is. How can all of this fit together with a relationship and family?

    Marko talks to friends, fellow filmmakers and his parents. He wants to find out how they deal with the balancing act between relationships, family and work. His generation is torn apart: On the one side, they love their work. On the other, they’re afraid they won’t be able to give their partners and children what they need. Add to that the fear of repeating the mistakes of their parents. Does anyone have a recipe for a happy and fulfilling life?

    Wolfram wants to build a career and starts a long-distance relationship with Eva at the same time. Does he have to choose between work and love? Shaheen works on projects all over the globe, while Rukhsana stays at home in Germany, missing him. Can things work out between them when the relationship always comes second? Catalina and Paul have a daughter, and a second child is on the way. Will they manage to balance work and family? Marko’s parents, on the other hand, enjoy a comfortable pension. It seems they have made the right choices in life.

    With empathy, persistence and humour, filmmaker Marko Doringer takes a close look at the emotional life of a generation struggling to find its way. Following (HALF) THE TIME OF MY LIFE and GLOBALLY YOURS, this is the latest instalment of Doringer’s Austrian cult series: SECOND THOUGHTS FIRST is a bitter-sweet film about relationships, work, love and the daily struggle for happiness.




    German title:
    Mein Wenn und Aber


    93 minutes

    Original languages:
    German, English, Bengali

    OmU Deutsch, OwS English


    Catalina M. & Paul-Julien R.
    Rukhsana & Shaheen D.-R.
    Wolfram H. & Eva L.
    Etty & Heinz D.
    Marlene N., Marko D. & Elsa

    writer, director & camera: Marko Doringer
    assistant director: Stefan Pircher Verdorfer
    script consultant: Andres Veiel
    second camera: Joerg Burger
    sound: Tong Zhang a.o.
    editing: Daniel Flax, Marko Doringer

    music: Elsa Tootsie & the Mini Band,
    .            Les Hommes Sauvages
    sound design: Veronika Hlawatsch
    score mix: Nico Berthold
    studio for score mix: Victoria Studios
    re-recording mix: Bernhard Maisch
    studio re-recording mix: Tremens

    color grading: Klaus Pamminger
    title design: Mieke Ulfig
    social media: Mirela Jasic
    website: Gerhard Roider |

    commissioning editor: Susanne Spellitz | ORF
    producer: Marko Doringer | Filmfabrik


    DOK.fest Munich ´22


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    will be updated continuously


Elsa Tootsie and The Mini Band
.            by Daniel Schatz, Artur Nutz
.            &
Michael Prehofer
Les Hommes Sauvages
by Kristof Hahn (The Swans) a.o.
Sultans of Gedankenbrain
.            by Kristof Hahn (The Swans) a.o.

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